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    • Call for Artists

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      You can submit your proposal right here! Please enclose a description of your project in max 500 words and 3 images (JPG and between 500 px and 750 px wide) with a sketch/preview/design of the proposed artwork. You are welcome to use the images displayed in our map (click on images in the legend) or check out our Flickr site for more. After you have picked your desired location, mark your spot on the map. If your Proposal is considered realizable, PROPOSAL BASE will contact you for details on materials and the amount of funding that is needed by donations.

      After you have submitted your proposal, the proposal will be curated. If accepted, the proposal will be published on the proposals page.

      - Want more pictures of the area? Check: Flickr page
      - Need Help? Check out our FAQ sheet or contact us



      Choose your position on the map!